News Knowledge Media is a media production company that will stand apart from established and traditional production companies by committing to the democratization of digital production and content publishing of both proprietary and commercial content for clients, networks, not-for-profits, and charities, while providing media theory and practice education for student and adult demographics.


News Knowledge Media aims to provide global brand-quality videography and media services to large and mid-market businesses across Canada and the United States.

Video and audio constructions, such as promotional, testimonial, and animated videos, have become a major tool in a marketer’s toolkit over the last ten years. It is estimated that in 2020, 85% of all marketed content will be in video and audio formats, illustrating the rapidly expanding field of media production. News Knowledge Media has devised a pre-production, production, post-production “formula” to produce professional content efficiently and with minimal overhead. Speed and consistency allows for News Knowledge Media to manage larger clients’ dynamic branding and marketing needs, while offering lower-cost content to educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations.

Western University - Women In Engineering

Residence on First - Residence Life

Patrick's Beans

In The Field - Ecologic


Forest City Youth Film Festival


London Lightning


News Knowledge Media aims to create cutting–edge, informative documentary content for its clients and as its proprietary media library. In addition to bespoke content services, many organizations and networks are in need of high quality content for their consumers and stakeholders. By leveraging the creative and professional competency of News Knowledge Media, we will be able to author documentaries that are informative and meet broader media demand.

clients we've worked with...


"NKM has brought to life our brand and our story in fun, creative, and accessible ways, and provided us with some incredibly powerful storytelling tools throughout the years."​
Breanna Roycroft (GrowWise Health, 2019)
Former Vice-President of Operations
"NKM is one of the hardest working and talented group of filmmakers and photographers I have had the pleasure working with."
Dr. Jay Hodgson (author of Understanding Records, 2019)
Professor of Popular Music - Western University
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