So it makes sense that we also produce broadcast quality film. Anything from horror, comedy, thriller, action, documentary, music, and beyond, we push our creative limits with each new story. We write, produce and execute our own content, working with some of the best film and music professionals in the industry. 

We’re always looking to collaborate with other creative professionals.


“The Reaction” – Short film

“The Exorcism on Thompson Road” – Feature documentary 

Forty days after the last atomic bomb, seven survivors band together.  Each one under unique circumstances, escaping from imminent doom. They find shelter in an abandoned diner. Eventually one of the group members disappears, sending the remaining members into a paranoid state.

With his legs and arms tied to chairs with neckties, Walter Zepeda, a quiet, well-mannered young man, died from an attempted exorcism in his parent’s home in 2002. The priest, and his parents are arrested and tried for murder.   

Below is some of our previous work

Documentary Series (pilot): Gothic Forensics (2020)

“Dracula: Sex Crimes & Expert Witnesses.”

Run-time: 22 mins

Criminologist and cold case specialist, Dr. Michael Arntfield reveals how Dracula represents the first literary example of both preparatory and attack paraphilias. Also, how Dr. Van Helsing is the archetypal model for what would be an acceptable expert witness in a modern court of law. Follow Arntfield as he dissects Stoker’s iconic novel while weaving in relevant modern serial killers.

Narrative Series: The Flats (2018)

“A story about the end of time.”

Run-time: 1 hr

In an attempt to rebuild his life in a new city, Andrew Canton unknowingly becomes the target of a ruthless plot devised by dark forces.

Feature Doc: The Industry (2020)

Run-time: 1 hr 35 mins 

A behind the scenes look at some of the unknown places of the music industry. From Jamaican dancehall, indie rock, political hip-hop and classical jazz, The Industry delves deeper into socio-economic themes that influence and motivate today’s music.

Short Doc: “Tomorrow’s Ashes”

“Rebellion against postsecondary governance.”

Run-time: 12 minutes

Student debt is rising. University administrators’ compensation is increasing. Student code of conduct has restricted student civil disobedience, while private entities influence curriculum and governance. A surface level scratch at some malignancies that are shaping postsecondary education in Canada.